My future project

Dear readers,

Just a quick one, while I still on fire. I want to announce that I want to try something that I’ve started ages ago during my days as a student in junior high school. At that time I’ve written a story, fiction of course. The story was about a school girl love life, the story wasn’t meant to be pure fiction because all the character in this story basically all my classmate. So..ya.. they were pretty real, but the story of course not.. well some maybe not, because there were definitely some love stories going on in my class at that time.. I’m literally smiling right now reminiscing the fun time that I had in the class. I wrote the story on a book, hand written of course.. no computer back at that days..every once a week I gave my friend who sat next to me the new story, she is my editor plus the one who encouraged me to write religiously. But the irony is I cant even remember her name right now.. SHAME ON ME…!! I’m quite productive back then, but of course I never got the chance to finish it. Not to mention I didn’t remember where I put the book, it went lost and nowhere to be found. How I wish I can read it all over again.. I can’t recalled why I stop writing the story, probably because I was already in my last year at school and too busy preparing myself for the exam and entering the high school of course. Okay so that’s was just the introduction, I keep saying in most of my post that its going to be a quick one, but I guess it was never gonna be as quick as I wanted to be in the first time.

So back to our main objective, which I assume you guys already have the glanced of what my project will be. Yess.. I’m going to write fiction again.. okay.. don’t be to happy about it, because I’m known for my “hangat2 taik ayam” attitude. Yes I’m on fire right now, but fire doesn’t always constantly burning it flames. So.. That is why I’m putting this idea in this blog so it can act as my reminder every time I get lost.

Here I’m going to post several youtube videos.. because I got this idea basically by listening to these song

Thats all folks..

Write to you soon…

Love and peace!