Online Group Chat

I’m 95% confident that almost all of us are using chatting application, or at least familiar with the so-called online chat. There are many application available in the iTunes store or Google store, such as Line, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), Whatsapp, Kakao Talk, Telegram and so on…

Hal ini ada enak gak enaknya, the positive part is easy and convenient to deliver information without having to chat individually (time consuming) and vice versa. Plus we can have a group chat with friends and family and sharing videos, pictures or files. The not-so-called I like part of group chat is (1) double posting (penuh2in memori), (2) when the member start to argue and my phone will not stop making sound, (3) hoax information, sharing information without making sure the validity of its information, (4) If I dont know some member personally, (5) salah kamar, (7) apa lagi yaaa… I couldn’t think of more reasons why group chatting is annoying..

Tapi gak bisa dihindari juga kalau mmg diperlukan, asal etikanya diperhatikan sehingga tidak jadi ladang dosa akibat hal tersbut..

So in the end, use any social media platform wisely.. Cause it can help you and at the same time it can drag you down..



Where to start ya..  Sebenarnya berat kali loh… Mungkin ini pembenaran Ya Rabb.. Aku minta maaf, You created me as Your best creation.. Best creation should be better at anything; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Best creation should be stronger than any other creations at any given situations.. Because You have designed us that way.. As Your grand design we should only be weaken at Your will not because we choose to be weak.. But I must admit that I’m weak ya Rabb.. Money has blinded me.. I’m sorry for my excuses.. But, I want to experience winter again ya Rabb..

to be continued…

4th day of Oct

Hari ini aq bangun “lumayan tidak telat” usually when I sleep after 3 am I tend to wake up around 10 or 11 am, but today I wake up quite early around 8 am. When I woke up my roommate already gone to the hospital, she sleep at the same time with me but because she’s going to conduct a project at the hospital in the morning.

After I woke up I turn off the light, my roommate often leave the light on when she left the room, I don’t know why she did that, whether she did that on purpose or not.

O ya I forgot to mention my daily routine before I’m getting off of my bed, checking out my “Smurf Village” and facebook of course. I’d like to stay longer on my bed but because my iPad was running out of battery I just have to drag myself out of bed just to charge the iPad.

While watching “OVJ” I made my self a glass of coffee and an instant noodle. After finished with my meal I went for shower.

After shower and all the daily routine of dressing now its time to choose what kind of hijab style for today..

Looking through several downloaded video on hijab tutorial I found one that I like and decided to use the style.

Okay all, its quite boring story.. Actually I’m just trying to use the new updated version of wordpress in my blackberry..
Later I will post more stories that more boring than this.. Hehehe..

Until then, I’m signing off..

Wassalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh..

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I found this Kebaya style is quite good, so I decided to bring it to the tailor and have it made for my sister wedding. Because I wasn’t around when the Kebaya was made so I gave full permission to my mum to decide whether it will be good on me or not.


Later on my aunt tell my mum that this style of Kebaya is kinda old fashion and might not suit me (because I’m an extra size) so she gave me another style of Kebaya that would fit me best. Well since my fashion consciousness is kinda lame so I just agree to whatever my aunt said, because her fashion knowledge is way much better than me.. And this is the Kebaya style that she picked for me. And I couldn’t agree more.. Thank you auntie..your the best when it comes to fashion..


Defining my happines

Dear Diary..

My days have not been very well lately, I feel down most of the time, Im clueless and worthless.
I’ve tried to look as my usual days, but as days go by I found it become more difficult for me to keep this lies to myself and eventually this “un-me” behavior will radiates to others. As people around me started to notice that something is wrong with me.

I’m very much aware about the reason of me being like this.. I did not blame anyone, and how could I even did that since the root of the problem is within me. I feel like I lost my enthusiasm over anything.. My life has become dull.. No one can save me from this situation other than GOD and myself..

Sometime I feel depressed
Sometime I feel down
Sometime I feel like I wanna go somewhere far, where no one knows me
Sometime I feel like a complete stranger to myself

Geez… I look like a whim…
Anyway.. Im a good actress… All that I said cannot be trusted.. since Im faking it..
Got ya!


When your advisor talk to you through your Facebook wall’s

Let me tell you a story about what have been happening to me in this few couple of days back.

I’ve been in Hatyai since last Monday, its almost a week. I came back because I need to finish my proposal and not to mention my advisor had posted a comment on my wall asking me about my work. Okay that was quite embarrassing actually, but I don’t take it personal I got the message that she wants to convey that is I should get my ass back to Hatyai.. btw I was in my hometown for my youngest sister wedding and had a great time with my big family and makes me feel like I don’t want to go back.. but the message on my Facebook wake me up.. okay time to get down to business..

Back in Hatyai I didn’t really doing my homework ASAP, I keep procrastinating my work.. it is the blood and does not show the sign that it would go away.. not until I got another message from my advisor demanding me to submit her my work.. Okay the first one is quite an embarrassment but the second one makes me thinking to burry my self in the ground.. Finally i started to work on my proposal and managed to finish the first chapter and gave it to her yesterday..

Actually I considered my self to be very lucky to have a supervisor like her.. she’s such a great supervisor.. If she didn’t do what she has done I might not be able to finished anything.. I thank her for that..

and now here I am typing nonsense in my blog when I supposed to work with my second chapter.. I’m such a lousy brats..

alrite then since I have worn myself I need to get back to my work.. and surely Ill be back for more stories…


Me and Writing

Blogging actually fun, because you can write everything and post everything that you like in it. Talking about writing, writing has become my passion since i was in my elementary school. I have written in my diary since i can write. Although I’m not an active writer but I try to write about everything whenever i feel like it.

I love to write in English because of my love for this language, not that i don’t love my mothers language. You’ll find some of my post are in Bahasa. Nevertheless, In this never stop growing world and the so called globalization foreign language has become an important part of our daily live. Eventho i’ve spend 13th months of my live in English speaking country I still feel that my English need a little bit of  improvement in here and there. Some may say that my English is very good. But for me good is not enough, I’m not trying to show others that I’m good at something, but i need to show myself that I’m good at something. You can call me high and mighty or put a target too high, it doesnt matter or bothering me at all. People can say whatever they like. What matter for me is that I’m able to satisfied myself without being burden to anyone else.

Hmmm.. I’m kinda new in this wordpress thing, nevertheless i’m never new in writing altho input and suggestion are welcome. I do believe that a writer need a reader. While I’m waiting for my reader to read my blog, i’ll keep trying to post everything whether its my own words or copy paste from others.

This kinda short, but i need to finish my work and this urge to pee..hehehe