Random Opinions

Baru nyadar kalo terakhir posting was almost 5 months ago, so, this is my first post of 2017.. yeay.. how productive I am..

As the title said this is going to be a random posts of varying thoughts that scramble inside my brain. But I try to limit it to 3 opinions or maybe two.. pretty much depends on my mood to write.

Islam, Gay, and Rejection.

No.. these three things has no relation at all in this post, I just want to share my thoughts about these three topics individually.


Islam is a religion (yaelaaah anak TK juga tau).. Ok.. not going to talk about the definition of Islam. Why I want to throw words over this topic, ini adalah akibat melihat postingan di Instagram @jenk_kelin_official  (ketauan banget eike kepo ama akun gosip) Jadi ceritanya opini IJK kali ini adalah mengenai Islam. Actually it has nothing to do with postingan Mbak Raline, but more to the comments dari para komentator.. Nowadays people or the netizen they say.. right??… don’t seem to be too keen on the content posted by the media or social media.. Mau itu di youtube or IG.. mesti langsung menuju kolom komen.. Sooo… kembali ke laptop… Ada yang ngasi komen “setiap agama mengajarkan kebaikan..”, ” semua agama sama”.. and the whole nine yards about respecting other people religion.. bla..bla… And yang kocak menurut saya adalah postingan di akun youtube gamer ganteng … I want to laugh so loud at the so-called Muslim representative of that four youtubers.. Lo Islam but has no pride on your own religion.. just for the sake of TOLERANSI.. Toleransi my ass… if you can’t defend your religion out loud lebih baik zip it.. that big mouth of yours..

I’ve been living in non-muslim country for almost 7 + 1 years.. Udah ngerasa being minority.. and I know what tolerance means.. but as a Muslim .. I know that my religion is the best one.. but I respect other people religions, because I believe people with different religion from me will also have the same thought as mine.. that our religion is the best.. otherwise we wouldn’t be the follower of that religion.. Ok.. sampe sini paham yaa… Kalo analogi saya seperti ini.. Every mother will think that they children is their world.. the best of the best.. no children in the world can compete with their own flesh and blood.. BUT.. bukan berarti si orang tua gak menghormati anak orang lain and menjelek-jelekan anak orang lain.. tapi anak sendiri tetaplah yang utama.. It may not be the best analogy for religion.. but I hope you can get where I’m getting at..  So, never ever say that setiap agama sama.. kalo gak kenapa gak gonta-ganti agama aja setiap 2 hari sekali..  Because deep down we all know that faith is not something that very easy to trade..

“Tuhan tidak perlu dibela, Dia sudah Maha segalanya, Belalah mereka yang diperlukan tidak adil” the most ridicule statement I ever read.. Hei.. Allah is nothing like His creation and vice versa.. Jangan merendahkan Allah dengan menempatkan Dia at our level.. siapa kita yang gak lebih berharga daripada pasir dilautan… we’re made from clay.. setetes mani (harus ditengok pake mikroskop dengan pembesaran ampe 400x baru keliatan jelas) .. Sebagai Muslim sudah kewajiban kita membela Islam.. kalau enggak untuk apa Rasulullah capek2 berperang.. untuk apa para sahabat bergelimang darah di medan perang..


Gay is laki suka sama laki and gak suka perempuan (Febriana.D, 2017). 17 Mei kemaren rupanya hari Gay sedunia.. ada pulak yang kekgini ya… ngeliat gay wedding di Trang, ngeliat Mr. Gay world 2017 (ntah iya itu nama kontesnya).. ada yang kemayu ada yang hensom abess..  If I disagree to the “normalisation” of LGBTQ they will call me homophobic right?? Kata Om Wiki Homofobia adalah berbagai sikap negatif terhadap homoseksualitas seseorang atau terhadap orang yang teridentifikasi sebagai lesbian, gay, biseksual atau transgender.  Looking at this definition I guess you can call me homophobic although I think I’m not.. I don’t hate the person, I don’t like what they did/do/doing/done…. Because it self destructive, whether they realised it or not.. Something that against the fitrah is never a sign of a good thing..  Benar kata Ustadz Adi Hidayat jika seseorang tidak mengakui kalau mereka sakit they will never try to find the cure. I wont deny that sexual tendency toward same sex does exist.. Kalau Allah bilang it’s a sin and your desire toward that direction is very strong.. itu artinya you’re being tested.. are you going to give up to the desire or resist it. Yang namanya naik level pastinya bukan ujian ecek-ecek. You might have to live for the rest of your life repressing the urge.. Kalau analogi yang mau saya buat kayak orang yang prokrastinasi.. Is procrastination normal?? according to several experts to certain extent it’s not normal and even destructive. Tapi don’t we all have the tendency to procrastinate?? For some the desire to procrastinate is so strong they even procrastinate to procrastinate.. Yaa gak usah jauh2 lah.. I’m the best example of this behavior.. Nunda2 pekerjaan memang awalnya enak.. nonton dulu aah.. bikin ini dulu aaah.. kesini dulu aaah… akhirnya ketika time is running out.. mulailah gabuk manok gabuk itek ampe depresi sendiri.. Yeap.. I’ve been there and ampe kena panic attack.. Inti dari analogi ini adalah.. dosa itu memang mengikuti apa maunya nafsu.. and it always seems so good and makes us happy .. but its very superficial and definitely wont benefit you in a long term (baca: di akhirat) .. If there are things that God does not want us to do even how tempting it was and we think it is the best for us.. believe me IT IS NOT… 

Okay back to the Gay topic.. I just hope that whoever contracted to this disease.. please get yourself help… You are NOT normal.. You are SICK… and SICKNESS is not a sin.. Being sick is actually blessing in disguise if we patient and we try find a cure that in accordance with the sharia law and most importantly to accept it as part of Allah’s test.


Okay last part is where I do the curhat.

I have a confession ” I am afraid of rejection”

Ditolak itu rasanya sakit ya.. and the most difficult part is to move on and act like nothing ever happen. Makanya terkadang ketika ingin meminta sesuatu ke seseorang I have to be sure that I won’t received any rejection.. otherwise I’ll be broken to pieces (sedikit lebay)

But, this heartbroken tragedy only happen if I got rejected by someone who is dear to me.. If I don’t really close to them or just an acquaintance being rejected wont hurt that much.. still hurts tho but manageable..

I have to learn to accept when people say NO to me as much as I have to learn to say NO to people asking me for help.

Okay lah.. udah malam banget.. Time to hit the bed.. BeTe guwe ama si Nong Nok dah dua malam AC dikamar matek.. kamar jadi spa..

Kamar Bu Windy, 19 May 2017 (Hat Yai)