Saat titipan diambil

Innalillahi wa innailaihi raji’un.. “We surely belong to Allah and to Him we shall return”

Just a short one today, that I’d like to express my feeling.. I promise I won’t be long..

Just heard the news today that my sister’s father in law has passed away this morning, it suddenness stroked me. I think it’s normal for us to feel that this news weren’t true, am i hearing it right.. Yep denial is our first defence mechanism.. But I know no one would ever make such a joke about other people death.. The truth is  not always happy ending..but it is what it is

The last time I spoke to Bapak was in the hospital when we were waiting for Lila operation. He doesn’t usually talk that much to me, but as far as remember every time we met he always have something to say to me even if it’s only a small chit chat. But this time was different he talked a lot, I can’t say whether it was a “sign” for me or he felt bored and got no one to talk to at that time. He talked about his experience when he visited Thailand, he went to Songkhla and Hatyai and he told me about his experiences visiting northwestern part of Malaysia.. He seems to like travelling very much, he also told me about his time in Bali and said to me that Bali is overrated, nothing special about that island.. and we were laughing after that.

I know that his wife and children must be the one who felt grieve the most as for me I also feel very sorry for them. I was just thinking that there were too many people that close to me had been taken away this year, were this a sign or what.. maybe it has nothing to do with “sign” or whatever beside the Prophet said that there is a lesson to learn on the event of death and maybe their time has come.. and for all of us we just wait until our time up and Allah sends His angel to pick us up.. I just hope that Bapak died in a good way.. That Allah will accepts his good deeds and put Bapak in the best place in the graveyard..

As I always said to those who have departed … “until we meet again.. in sya Allah in Jannah..”

15 May 2016


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A graduate students who like to write but found herself busy doing unimportant things..

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