Where to stand

Have you ever been in the situation where you don’t know where to stand. Should I stand with those in the right or with those in the left or should I just stand in between?

In my 35 years of living I’ve been taught about what is wrong and what is right. But as I’m getting older or mature maybe I’ve started to have doubts about what is wrong and what is right. What is wrong in the eye of human being  might not be wrong in the eye of God. For example; people especially the non-muslim think that Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) was a pedophile just because he married Aisyah R.A who was still 9 years old at that time. When in fact in Islam when women reach their puberty they are in legal age of marriage. Because in Islam when you reach puberty it means that all obligation that a Muslim required to do must be done if you didn’t do it then you have committed sins and your parents were not obligated anymore to carried your sins, unless if they never taught you before.

Look at today phenomenon maybe the recent one is the case of Yuyun a 14 years old girl who brutally raped by 14 boys and left to dead in the bushes. What they did to her was unspeakable. I can’t even phantom how come these boys could do such things, and the worse part they only got 15 years sentences for raping and murder. RAPING and MURDER… 15 years.. even if it 15 years each it still not enough!! and this is because they still considered as under age.. In Islam they are not under age.. they already carried their own sins and their punishment should be the same as the adult. See.. how the human law served no justice at all.

All I can say now that sometime in life you have to choose side you can’t stay in between. And a long the way I only choose side that doesn’t conflict with Al-Qur’an and Hadits..

Everything must be according to the law of Islam.. Allah gave the Qur’an as the guidance and Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) has given the tutorial on how to live according to the book of Allah through his Hadits..

Ya.. you have to choose.. but choose wisely





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A graduate students who like to write but found herself busy doing unimportant things..

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