Altering your body

This morning when I woke up for the second time (yeah I did it a lot), checking on my mobile, looking for news. I stumble upon the article about a women who did a tattoo with cut off technique, damn girl thats gotta be too much pain to bare.

Okay if you’re not familiar with that technique I’ll show you some of the example

Yaah.. more or less the tattoo looks like that. They also called it sacrification tattoo. The point is they cut your skin and draw the pattern, actually cutting is not the only methods. There are many methods can be used to get this scarification tattoo.  Go to this link for more information.

Past few days I’ve been exposing myself with body modification or alteration news. Actually this kind of news were not really new for me. I’ve read it before and up until now I’m still in the state of “awe” thinking what the hell??

Okay I’m not a judge so no judging here, I just want to put a note about how I feel.

First of all I went to google looking for reason why people decided to go to such an extreme way to modified their body, and I found this study. According to study conducted by Wohlrab, Stahl and Kappeler (2007) there are 10 motivational categories that drive them to perform body mods

  1. Beauty, art and fashion
    • For some people tattoo or piercing enhance their appearance or making them more attractive. I do believe that some tattoos were quite beautiful and pretty, if only it permissible in my religion to have tattoo I’d have one. Here are some of tattoos that I found beautiful

      I Like them because its simplicity.. I’m with those who agree with less is more

  2. Individuality
    • Some people like to be different from others, to have their own distinctiveness, thus, the creation of individuality appears to be one of the most important motivations.

      When you’re out on the street looking like that surely you’ll got all the attention.. Waow.. Ada buku berjalan… #IdeNyontek
  3. Personal narratives
    • Life can be rough sometimes, and when you prevail all of your problems it would be a good idea to write it on your body or some events might have a profound impact in someone life and tattoo looks like a good way of memorising it or to remind them that they have passed it and still standing no matter what.
      The tattoo speaks for itself

      A tattoo made when started graduate school

But you have so many to tell your body probably will end up like this old dude here


4.   Physical endurance

Some people just want to test the limit of their endurance, how much pain their body can take. When pain was stimulated the body releasing the endorphins that generating positive emotions in addition to an anaesthetising effect. This effect might be responsible for an occasionally reported ‘lust for pain’.

5.    Group affiliations and commitment

If you want to be accepted in a community or group or be a part of a gang member and having your body inked was one of the requirement like it or not you must have that tattoo carved in your skin.

6.    Resistance

Tattoo was made for reasons such as protest against parents or society. A recent study on college students found that especially in adolescents protest against the generation of the parents is a major aspect in acquiring body modification. So parents.. watch out!

7.    Spirituality and cultural tradition

Some culture or tradition have the rules that acquire their member to have tattoos. Just like the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan or Borneo. Tattoo has become their long tradition from their ancestor.

8.    Addiction

Yep, tattoo does caused addiction due to the release of endorphins associated with the painful penetration of the body, anesthetizing and entailing a positive feeling. From the psychological perspective  for so-called tattoo collectors, it is essential to hold on to their memories, experiences, values or spirituality.

9.    Sexual motivation

Nipple or genital piercing was said to enhance the sexual experience, so they said. Plus tattoo also said to enhance their sexuality.. So.. yah.. that make sense.. Its all about sex

10.  No specific reasons

Probably because their too stoned and got the tattoo without properly thinking.

Sttt… Ntar disambung lagi yaaa… Now I have to get back to my real work..






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