I feel like I want to write tonight, or maybe I can try to describe something through written language to see whether you readers able to picture it the same way as I see it.

Okay let me describe to you readers about the place where I’m sitting right now.

This room is designated as a study room, box shaped and can hold about 6 to 8 people maximum. It has one big whiteboard covered with glass. I don’t pay much attention to it until I decided to describe it that students who used this board actually wrote on glass. Awesome.. Yeap I’m kampungan like that even hal gak penting kek gini is awesome for me.

Okay, next is the wall. Painted white but it doesn’t look very much white anymore, every corner of this room was smeared with markers  stain. I guess every time the students use the felt-tip marker they’re too lazy to clean their hands using tissue or handkerchief, they chose to smeared to the wall.. walla.. clean hands..If you pay much attention you can see some of the stains have the shape of hand.

Halah.. tetiba malas lanjut.. Nanti lah cerita2 lagi yaa..