I wish I’m not being haunted

Last post was November 2014, it’s been a long time (as it always seems to be). Yeap I know I’m very far from being adhere to writing in this blog.

Every once in a while I do feel like I want to write something, but at the end of the day I wrote none.. It’s just me being in my default state aka procrastinating.

Okay, enough with the introduction.

This time I want to complain about my shoulder pain. I started to feel this pain since yesterday after I woke up. I do have back pain especially in the lower part due to my past history of fall and sometime it gets worse if I sit in the wrong positions for prolong time.

But this time my pain is a little bit different, I never had this kind of pain before. The muscle from your neck to your shoulders got very stiff and it’s getting worse when you tilt your head or move it or rotate it. What a pain…

And this experience remains me of the movie ‘Shutter”

Yap.. I was thinking would it be possible if “something” is sitting on my shoulders right now.. cause I do feel my shoulders slightly heavy than usual.. But I haven’t checked it yet.. I haven’t take any pictures and I haven’t weighed myself either.

But for this to happen I need to review what have I done these last few days.. I surely remember I didn’t kill anybody or hurt anybody in a way that would cost their life.. I didn’t go to haunted places (not that I can think of)… So.. the chances of me being haunted was probably close to zero..

So.. I did the old fashioned way to determine the cause of the pain.. none other than the symptom checker from the WebMd… and I found that I probably suffer from muscle strain.. Maybe because I continuously keeping my head down when I’m using the computer, playing with my iPad or smartphone, that stressed the muscle and leads to the soreness.  It says that the pain would go away in 1-14 days (hopefully it will)

So, that’s it guys my latest update.. I do wish there’s no spirit sitting on my shoulders.. But I think I need to get back to the pool asap.. exercise does help when my muscles were being dormant for too long…