Being true to yourself

I feel like i want to write something today (as my way to procrastinate on thing that I should have been doing).. Okay without further due lets just kick the ball…

Today I want to write about being true to yourself.. Actually I’ve been wanting to write or making comments about this issue after I watched one of the episode of the “Mistress TV Series” on StarWorld. In this particular episode (couldn’t remember which episode it was) I was stumbled upon Dr. Kim character when she decided to tell the truth even though she knows what the consequences are. She was on the verge of loosing her good name and license as a psychiatrist if she reveal the truth about her whereabouts on the night of Mr. Grey death. Her counselor suggests Dr. Kim to find people who would confirm that she is not alone on that night. First Sam Grey (the son of the deceased) agreed to help her, but he did this only because he was head over heels for Dr. Kim and willing to do anything for her.. Even though Dr. Kim felt reluctant at first but she found herself agree to follow the made up scenario and so does her counselor.. However, things become upside down on the day of the trial when Sam Grey did the opposite by telling her that he was in fact was with her mother.. This came as a shocked to Dr. Kim, later she realized that Sam did this because he felt that she didn’t love him even after they had sex. So, Dr. Kim counselor told her to find another person to do the lie and come up with the idea of why not using Dr. Kim psychiatrist partner as her alibi instead.. Her partner agreed to help her.. When they got to the court and the other psychiatrist already started to make a statement Dr. Kim decided to say the truth… She finally said that she was alone in her home on the night of Mr. Grey death and no one was with her.. Dr. Kim decided that she doesnt other person be that was her friends or her fellow psychiatrist should lie and become her alibi.. and what struck me the most her face of relieve after telling the truth.. and she brave enough to say that the widow of Mr. Grey will never ever feel that relieve because she has been lying the whole time to cover the truth and put the blame on her.. 

My point here is that lying caused so much effect on our heart.. This effect I called it “guilty” We know that this is wrong but we’re trying to cover it up because we don’t want to taste the bitterness of consequences… For people with consciousnesses guilt will make them miserable and it keeps haunting them until they tell the truth.. I think when we make mistakes we tend to cover it up by lying so others wouldnt know.. By doing that we also lying to ourselves by saying that its okay to lie.. when we know that what we did was wrong..  It takes a very brave heart to tell the truth because sometime we have to risk everything and end up with nothing.. But, I personally dont want to live my life in guilt.. Its the most uncomfortable feeling ever… I dont want to live in a shadow… Be true to yourself.. and I hope we all will find the peace in it…             




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A graduate students who like to write but found herself busy doing unimportant things..

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