A Note to My Baby Brother

Dear my baby brother,

I never forget the day that you came into our house, you were so fragile yet so beautiful.. We all fall in love with you. For me as your “Noonaa” I remember I was the one who try to find the cool name for you, because Ayah n Bunda want to named you “Muhammad Rizki” and I thought that name was to common. So after an extensive research we found one name for you “Muhammad Javier” sounds like Spanish name right? But at least your name is not a common and ordinary one..

Javier, I want you to be anak yang Shaleh.. Berbakti pada Ayah dan Bunda, dan sayang pada mereka. Kakak2mu ini semua sudah pada berkeluarga.. Yes, we still love and care sama Ayah dan Bunda.. Tapi we have our own family to taken care of.. That’s why I put my hope on you that you will take care Ayah dan Bunda for me while I’m away..

Javier, belajarlah yang rajin.. Kakak sadar bahwa Ayah dan Bunda mungkin tidak mempunyai cukup biaya untuk menyekolahkan Javier sampai selesai S1 nanti. Its okay.. You will be my responsibility.. I don’t want to put anymore burden to our parent.. Sekali lagi kakak tekankan, belajarlah yang rajin Vier.. I believe you can go further than me and your other Noonas.. Jangan terlena dgn masa mudamu.. And then make yourself go wasted..

Prepare yourself for the future..
Jangan pernah tinggal solat, banyaklah membaca Al-Qur’an dan buku2 yg bermanfaat lainnya..
I’m sorry that I can’t be around you to often.. But I promise you after I finish my study I will help you to become a much better man..

Kakak sayang Javier..
I hope you can shine like a diamond.. And make our parent proud of you..

Kak Febi

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