About 25 December


Every 25 December the Christian celebrating their “hari raya” and every year on that day I also feel sad to read my friends post who are Muslim but they say “Marry x-mas, to those who are celebrating it”. 

Saya bukan ustadzah, my knowledge about Islam is also limited. I dont know why they did this, apakah meraka tidak menganggap itu dosa atau they just dont know.. For whatever reason that they have it still considered to be a wrong thing to do.

At first I dont really care, aah.. urusan mereka lah tu.. they know mana yg bener and mana yang salah.. Btw before I proceed, I need to tell you that I dont feel it is necessary for me to tell you why celebrating x-mas or congratulate our friends for it is a wrong doing.. More information regarding to this matter can be found in this links http://felixsiauw.com/home/toleransi-islam-untuk-25-desember/ atau google Buya Hamka, beliau adalah salah satu ulama besar Indonesia yang sudah mentafsirkan banyak Hadist dan Qur’an.

Okay we shall continue, I dont care about ppl who choose to say Marry X-mas but when I read my cousin post about it I was stunned. This is my cousin, I cannot act like I dont care when I know what he did was wrong.. At that moment I realized that its easy to pretend that you dont care, walaupun kita tahu bahwa yang mereka lakukan itu salah dan kita hanya diam saja.. we dont even try to fix it.. or at least give them our opinion.. it is not about the matter of accepting it or not.. but more about trying to convey the truth.. Mungkin aku masih belum terlalu berani.. maybe im just being scared and pretend that its fine as long as I didnt do it.. “Sampaikanlah walaupun cuma satu ayat” I dont think this task is an easy peasy one.. Its very difficult thing to do.. Because he is my cousin I can stand up for it, but if he is someone else other than my family maybe I dont really care.. I dont know what is his opinion about this.. but at least I try to make him understand that what he’s doing is wrong.. The truth only come from Allaah, Im just human that prone to mistakes and wrong doing.. Hanya kepada Allaah aku meminta pertolongan.. please guide me and my family and friends to the right path.. yaitu jalan yang engkau ridhoi.. Aamiin…






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