Talking picture part 1


I just got this idea that I’d like to write a story based on random picture that I choose from my album collections. I will start with this picture.

This picture was taken probably around March 2011, by Farid. The location is at the top hill of Hat Yai Municipality Park, the big Buddha (the Thai use to say) I believe this is the first time I went to this place and after this I couldn’t remember how many times I’ve been here..

Let me introduce you to the people in the picture
I was standing in the left side of the picture, the big Buddha is in the middle, you can see that he’s being upgraded, and on the right side is mr. Bayhakki. Bayhakki is my classmate, he is one year older that me you’ll probably see more pictures of him in this “talking pictures” series.

Now, the people who are sitting from left to the right.. “Asniar, Budi Satria, Shiv Shah, and mr. Chanif.
Asniar or Bu Niar as I usually call her is my teacher, friend and classmate, she’s a very2 wonderful person.. Very sincere and kindhearted.. I’m very blessed that God introduced me to this person. You’ll definitely see more pictures of her in my future posts.

Budi is my dongsaeng, he was my junior during my college years, and now he is my friend at the office. He is a nice person, has a beautiful daughter and wife..

Shiv is our Nepali friend, first time we met during the flood situation in Hat Yai on 2010, after that we become close friend. He is very nice young man.. Sometime asniar likes to pick a fight with him but that was just for fun.. And he never took it personally.. He is back in Nepal right now for his data collection.. How nice of him to invite us for dinner before he went back to Nepal.. I wish someday I’ll be able to visit his country.

Pak Chanif, is one if the master student in the same year as Budi, he is from Semarang, first time I met him he was quite fun to talk to.. But I don’t have the chance to meet him and interact with him regularly.. He is a family man for sure, sometimes when he telling us the story about his family and how much he misses them he looks like he will cry..

Actually there’s another guy that go with us in this trip his name is Anda Kamal, but I don’t remember where he was when the picture taken..

This place is worth visiting you can see the landscape of Hat Yai from this place…

More stories to comes (hopefully)

Bye folks!


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