I found this Kebaya style is quite good, so I decided to bring it to the tailor and have it made for my sister wedding. Because I wasn’t around when the Kebaya was made so I gave full permission to my mum to decide whether it will be good on me or not.


Later on my aunt tell my mum that this style of Kebaya is kinda old fashion and might not suit me (because I’m an extra size) so she gave me another style of Kebaya that would fit me best. Well since my fashion consciousness is kinda lame so I just agree to whatever my aunt said, because her fashion knowledge is way much better than me.. And this is the Kebaya style that she picked for me. And I couldn’t agree more.. Thank you auntie..your the best when it comes to fashion..



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A graduate students who like to write but found herself busy doing unimportant things..

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