Korean MV yang macam film

The story goes like this…

An escort woman, accompany bunch of lousy guys in the karaoke room. There is this one guy who seems to be interested in her, but she went to another old guy instead and trying to seduce the old guy with the intention to arousing the other guy.. and her idea went very well.. He run off to the girl and they did what they wanted to do its BB17 thing. And they fall in love, dating and all the blah2 thing.. until one day the couple went into a fight with a bunch of gang member look a like and ended with the guy accidentally got injured pretty bad and he was sent to the hospital. In the hospital the escort girl realize that he had a wife and dang she was very disappointed and broken-hearted. She found out that the guy is not truly honest with her (well what can you expect from a guy who went to the bar and asking for an escort girl). So, she was very depressed and wanted to kill herself but her friend save her, and they cried together. Until one night she get out from the bar and walking like she has no spine a.k.a oleng2 and boom got hit by a car.. did she died? To be continued…

Next story goes like this..

The man who hit her felt bad about what he did and decided to take good care of her while she's being hospitalized. She cannot walk anymore after the accident, and was undergo rehabilitation program.. So they new guy stands by her as she going through her hardship.. and no need to mention that eventually the new guy falls for her. But, did the girl also feels the same thing? Well, unfortunate for him that she was still deeply in love with the old guy.One day by chance she found out that the old guy was actually in the same hospital as her and pretending not to know her because of her wife was with him.. Because of that she decided to kill herself by jumping off through the window in front of the new guy.. what a great way to say thank you.. And the end..


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A graduate students who like to write but found herself busy doing unimportant things..

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