Defining my happines

Dear Diary..

My days have not been very well lately, I feel down most of the time, Im clueless and worthless.
I’ve tried to look as my usual days, but as days go by I found it become more difficult for me to keep this lies to myself and eventually this “un-me” behavior will radiates to others. As people around me started to notice that something is wrong with me.

I’m very much aware about the reason of me being like this.. I did not blame anyone, and how could I even did that since the root of the problem is within me. I feel like I lost my enthusiasm over anything.. My life has become dull.. No one can save me from this situation other than GOD and myself..

Sometime I feel depressed
Sometime I feel down
Sometime I feel like I wanna go somewhere far, where no one knows me
Sometime I feel like a complete stranger to myself

Geez… I look like a whim…
Anyway.. Im a good actress… All that I said cannot be trusted.. since Im faking it..
Got ya!



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A graduate students who like to write but found herself busy doing unimportant things..

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