When your advisor talk to you through your Facebook wall’s

Let me tell you a story about what have been happening to me in this few couple of days back.

I’ve been in Hatyai since last Monday, its almost a week. I came back because I need to finish my proposal and not to mention my advisor had posted a comment on my wall asking me about my work. Okay that was quite embarrassing actually, but I don’t take it personal I got the message that she wants to convey that is I should get my ass back to Hatyai.. btw I was in my hometown for my youngest sister wedding and had a great time with my big family and makes me feel like I don’t want to go back.. but the message on my Facebook wake me up.. okay time to get down to business..

Back in Hatyai I didn’t really doing my homework ASAP, I keep procrastinating my work.. it is the blood and does not show the sign that it would go away.. not until I got another message from my advisor demanding me to submit her my work.. Okay the first one is quite an embarrassment but the second one makes me thinking to burry my self in the ground.. Finally i started to work on my proposal and managed to finish the first chapter and gave it to her yesterday..

Actually I considered my self to be very lucky to have a supervisor like her.. she’s such a great supervisor.. If she didn’t do what she has done I might not be able to finished anything.. I thank her for that..

and now here I am typing nonsense in my blog when I supposed to work with my second chapter.. I’m such a lousy brats..

alrite then since I have worn myself I need to get back to my work.. and surely Ill be back for more stories…



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A graduate students who like to write but found herself busy doing unimportant things..

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