Setiap orang punya masalah kan? Its just part of being human.. Going back to school and deal with many assignments and work is not an easy thing to do. I admit that sometime I feel overwhelmed with the assignments, but this is the path that I’ve chosen.. Cannot give up now.
I have problem with discipline, I don’t have a good time management.. And this one of the example of my bad habit, I should read all the material for tomorrow but I’m writing in blog instead.. I’m so wasted..
Pengen curhat tapi gak tau mau curhat apa.. Because I realize the problem is on me and my poor time management.. So what’s the use of telling others about ur problems when u already know the answer..?
Curhat about personal life? Hmm.. What should I tell, that I miss my family but cannot go home and see them.. Everyone has the same problem.. What makes mine different than them..
So.. Why my heart is so gundah gulana?

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