Ngantuuuuk dulu..
Ntar akan saya ceritakan, nikmatnya menjadi student..

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okay.. Here’s the thing..
I love you so much my HP, but sometimes you’re driving me mad! I’m so sorry if I have to turn to Mac now since he’s lots faster than you.. But he is the new guy, I have to get used to him, which I am not until now, yet.. Geez.. Please work for me.. I need you to finish this bloody assignment..

1st Post by my mobile

Trying to familiarize myself with posting my blog through my BB, which is quite puzzling for me since I usually write through my laptop..
Don’t understand the command yet.. But this is just the 1st time.. Soon I’ll become the expert.. Hehehe.. But don’t know when it soon.. Could be 20 years from now.. Hahaha..
Alrite write to you again “soon”
Gotta get back to my paper..