Shopping Wisdom

People might think of me as a woman with lots of cash.. well guess what I don’t! What make them to think like that? its easy.. that because my impulsive behavior when it comes to shopping..

I’m not good at shopping (but I love to ), especially when it come to bargaining part.. I must say I’m very bad at it.. thats is why i need friends to accompany me when I went for shopping, or I will choose shops or stores that have fixed price like department store because I don’t need to bargain..

And sometime I have a different opinion with my shopping fellows, what I consider cheap, its expensive to them and vice versa. And when we went to shop I tend to follow where my friends went to.. which is disadvantage for me, since sometime me and my friends have different taste of style.. but I will follow them eventually because I need their support when it come to bargain.

In Thailand, luckily we share the same idea when it comes to shopping, especially goods that relate to Thailand or uniquely belong to Thailand, I’d like to buy them in advance since I’m going to stay here for more than 3 years and will go back and forth to my home country I’ll need to bring gifts to my family and friends back home.

When it comes to gadgets I’m a little brand minded. I know that not all expensive thing are good, they have flaws too (sometime), but cannot help myself not to buy the brand instead of the product, and I also don’t like to buy used gadget even though the price is very low, except for clothes.. i like buying second hand clothes..

Maybe when it comes to gadgets i tend to use it until it cannot be used anymore.. dont like to sell it, because my gadgets have become personal to me, therefore i feel hesitate if others have what is personal for me..