Im back…

Udah lama gak nulis, ide jadi tumpul…

Biasanya keinginan menulis muncul, when i’m having difficulties, very rare that I write because I’m happy.. I do not share happiness in my blog, I share problems.. you might feel reluctant to read it, but its okay.. my intention is only to write what i have inside my brain n my heart.. not necessarily to please everyone.. Waduh.. preambulenya kelamaan.. Maklum dah lama gak nulis.. kangen…

And that is my topic for today “KANGEN” noo.. it’s not about KANGEN BAND! Haram amat…

But I miss my hubby.. and my City..

Udah di Hatyai for more than 1 month, and i started to feel “sakit rumah” … I’ve been far away home before, this isnt my first time. I dont really like to complain, especially when complaining about the life that you are actually living  it.. that’s just not fair, and neither did I complaining about my new university  life.. nope.. i just want to write about my stories, but if  it does sounds like complaining, please remind me not to do that again…

Actually i’ve got like hundreds papers to read (delete the last zero) and thousands books to read (delete the zeroes too) but i’m way to lazy.. (please dont try this at home and pleaseee dont even try to adopt this behaviour, not good at all)

Wadooh.. nulis ttg papers and books to read, makes me feel guilty.. udahan dulu deh ngeblognya..

Besides this is just my first announcement of me coming back.. there’ll be more writing to come..

I’ll be back soon and I hope that Paul the Octopus is right this time

Go es Spanyola.. semoga suamiwku menang… Oh.. noo.. my husband did not play for Spain, but he rooted for Spain..


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A graduate students who like to write but found herself busy doing unimportant things..

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