Me and Writing

Blogging actually fun, because you can write everything and post everything that you like in it. Talking about writing, writing has become my passion since i was in my elementary school. I have written in my diary since i can write. Although I’m not an active writer but I try to write about everything whenever i feel like it.

I love to write in English because of my love for this language, not that i don’t love my mothers language. You’ll find some of my post are in Bahasa. Nevertheless, In this never stop growing world and the so called globalization foreign language has become an important part of our daily live. Eventho i’ve spend 13th months of my live in English speaking country I still feel that my English need a little bit of  improvement in here and there. Some may say that my English is very good. But for me good is not enough, I’m not trying to show others that I’m good at something, but i need to show myself that I’m good at something. You can call me high and mighty or put a target too high, it doesnt matter or bothering me at all. People can say whatever they like. What matter for me is that I’m able to satisfied myself without being burden to anyone else.

Hmmm.. I’m kinda new in this wordpress thing, nevertheless i’m never new in writing altho input and suggestion are welcome. I do believe that a writer need a reader. While I’m waiting for my reader to read my blog, i’ll keep trying to post everything whether its my own words or copy paste from others.

This kinda short, but i need to finish my work and this urge to pee..hehehe